Effective May 1, 2015 the Kenton Paw Park in Pioneer Park will be owned and run by Kenton County.

March 31, 2015 the FKPP, Inc. Board of Directors voted to terminate the lease agreement with the Kenton County Fiscal Court for the 2 areas of land in Pioneer Park that make up the Kenton Paw Park. In September 2013 we updated the lease agreement to contract with the county for maintenance and transferred ownership of the physical assets in Pioneer Park to the Kenton Fiscal Court. FKPP maintained management and financial responsibilities for the paw park.

Why the change?

In December 2003 the Kenton County Fiscal Court voted to approve an agreement with a group of Kenton County citizens for the construction of a paw park in Pioneer Park. The agreement required that the group first raise the funds needed for construction and 4 years of maintenance before any construction could begin. With support of the community and many businesses the funds were raised by the spring of 2004, the Grand Opening of the Kenton Paw Park was August 8, 2004. Since that time the group evolved into FKPP, Inc. and has continued to raise money through various fundraising events and donations to enhance and maintain the paw park.  After 11 years there are many people that still believe that the paw park is funded by the county and therefore they don't need to provide support. Despite our efforts we were unable to raise the money required to maintain the paw park.

We would like to thank the Kenton County Fiscal Court and everyone that has helped and supported us over these last 11 years. With your support we built 2 wonderful parks that were voted ONE of the Top Ten Dog Parks in the US, not once or twice but three times.

Thank You,
FKPP, Inc.

August 8, 2004 Grand Opening